2023-24 Academic Planner - Artist's Statement
In the Spring semester of 2023, I received an email about a contest for the planner cover for the next academic year. I had done things for my high school in the past but I never had a chance to make something that my college would use. With no idea in mind of what I wanted to do, I started working in Photoshop. I started with the notebook page and then moved on to the doodles and then I had the idea to have IUP tearing through the page. I photographed a real-life sheet of paper I tore a hole in. Once I finished, I submitted it, and I didn't think I stood a chance. IUP is filled with so many talented people, and I never considered myself one of them. A couple of classmates and coworkers had told me that they liked the design and wished me luck. Needless to say, I was still surprised whenever I got an email that I had won and they wanted to write an article about it. I'm happy I got the opportunity and I love the planner cover. It is one of my favorite pieces. 

Monster Energy x 24 Hours of Lemons - POP Display
This is a point-of-purchase or POP display I did in my third year of college. This project aimed to take an existing brand and create an interesting display to be used in a retail environment. I landed on Monster Energy but then saw that tons of people make Monster Energy displays daily. I wanted mine to stand out, so I took this opportunity to see how well I could have two companies collaborate. Being that Monster Energy is big into the racing scene, I decided to go that avenue. One company they're not currently partnered with is 24 Hours of Lemons. 24 Hours of Lemons is a race for the everyday person, consisting of $500 cars. I tried to keep the energy of both companies in mind when making the displays and packaging. The packaging and textures were made via Photoshop and the 3D modeling was all done in Lightwave 3D and Blender.
IUP: Residential Revival (Concept) - Coffee Table Book
At the beginning of my third year in college, we had to do a project on creating a coffee table book out of 3D renders we made in a program called "Lightwave 3D." The renders were to be a building of some kind, while the coffee table book could be any subject using the renders. I chose to make mine based on IUP's big project back in the early 2000s; Residential Revival. Discussions on what to do about the old dorms on campus began in 2004, construction commenced in 2006, and in 2010, IUP had 8 new suite-style dorms. I wanted to make a booklet, in IUP's current style, depicting what the future of one of these dorms could look like. I chose Stephenson because of its unique shape, and centralized "Hawk's Nest." After researching the project and rendering a few different views, I'd like to say I'm happy with how the booklet came together. I'd like to imagine these being set in the lobbies of the old dorms for people to see and get excited about what new students would experience. As stated, most of the 3D models were made in Lightwave 3D but I did use a bit of Blender too. Everything else was in either Photoshop or Illustrator.

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