Still Life Photography
These are just different still life photos I've taken through the years. I like experimenting with color and light on smaller things because I feel as though it shows more.
I enjoy taking pictures of buildings. My college town has a lot of cool buildings, so much so I've yet to get all the photos I'd like to.
5 Stages of Grief - COMM 271 Final
For my final project in a photography class I took my third year, we were to create a series of five photographs that were all linked together. I chose to do the five stages of grief. I wanted each photo to be colorized to represent its stage.  Denial is purple and shows me tossing and turning in bed through different layers. Anger is red and shows me burning a Polaroid; destroying the very thing used for preserving a memory. Bargaining is green and shows me begging myself to either go back or move on. A grayish blue represents depression and shows me in the corner of the room, overthinking everything that could've been different. The final photo, being a warmer yellow, is acceptance. It shows me at a desk, working on drawings, getting back to the things I enjoy, and fully moved on through the five stages. 
I don't often end up with a subject, but when I do I really enjoy the result. Though a little cliche, I do enjoy silhouettes. 
I definitely should be expanding upon this section, since I love cars. During the next summer, I plan to attend car shows more often and get photos there. Cars are beautiful machines and I love photographing them when I get the chance. I'd photograph mine more, but that'd be a little self-centered.

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