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Ouverture: Memories Restored - Branding Project
This is a branding project I did in my second year of college. The goal of the project was to make a brand from scratch following the golden circle. If you don't know, the golden circle is the concept of starting with the "Why" before the "How" and the "What." The company's name is "Ouverture" and their "why" is that old-school film cameras are a part of history and should be preserved, just like how your memories should be preserved. For this, we had to make a catalog and three posters. To the left is the catalog, and to the right are the three posters.  
Conemaugh Valley SD Website
Here is the website that I did in my sophomore year of high school. Here I have a video demonstrating how it looked. It was created using Wix though I did use some HTML on the main page. I took lead on the design portion of the website and the web design team that year took care of information and anything that had to legally be on it. The school currently still uses the main design, but the current web design team manages it so stuff is always getting added and removed, thus why I haven't linked it here. However, I did recreate the site if you would like to try it out it by pressing the button below!

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